Care4Carers goes from strength to strength

Sue Bowler talks to the Care for Carers team about the surprising benefits that are coming out of their RAS 200 project.

Since 2015, Care for Carers, a small Edinburgh-based charity, has used astronomy to support local carers, with RAS 200 support. Its innovative approach to outreach has begun to pay dividends – and reveal unexpected outcomes.

“We at the RAS feel that Care for Carers is blazing a trail that is incredibly important for the health and well-being of these hard-worked people,” says Steve Miller, chair of the RAS 200 Steering Group. “But we are also very pleased that the RAS support is enabling Care for Carers to raise even more funding. It was always the aim of RAS 200 that our partners would be able to use our support to leverage even more. That way, more people can be reached and helped and the legacy of the project will be that much greater.”

The PDF can be found here.

The full article can be found here.

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