NSC Creative RAS200 project – The Planets 360 planetarium show

Stephen Serjeant applauds the creativity of the show at the premiere of The Planets 360, one of the RAS 200 anniversary outreach projects.

The full article can be found here.

Read the PDF here: The Planets 360 review

If you have a planetarium, mobile or otherwise, you can download and use the show for free!

The show has two parts, one focused on Holst’s seven-part orchestral suite The Planets, which premiered in 1918, the other featuring a modern reinterpretation. Both make full use of modern astronomical imagery and spectacular graphics. The show is modular, so venues can pick out segments to suit different audiences. Contact NSC Creative at the National Space Centre.

Check here for more details on how you can access this brilliant resource: http://nsccreative.com/projects/the-planets-360/

Read the article here.


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